Aplay is mainly dedicated in designing, fabricating, innovating kids outdoor and indoor playground equipment.  From Aplay, you can find the most plentiful and the the latest products designs for kids to play and learn.

Q1: 1.How to order from Aplay?
Q2: Does your price include any shipping cost? How to deliver?
Q3: Whats your payment term?
Q4: Whats your minimum order quantity requests?
Q5: How to get a customized indoor playground equipment design? Or an indoor trampoline park design?
Q6: 6.How to install the outdoor playground equipment and indoor playground equipment?
Q7: Whats your products warranty?

A1: International Business , order Steps with Aplay: 

1. You choose product models and send us order quantity

2. We send you quotation, include size, price, packing volume, etc. 

3. We quote you shipping cost by sea, to the nearest sea port to your place.

4. We make proforma invoice include goods amount, shipping cost , total amount 

5. You pay 30% deposit payment (if order less than 5000USD, payment is 100% in advance)

6. We get deposit and arrange production.

7. After 8-30 days, different products different productin time, our production finished.

8. We notice you finish goods, you pay the balance amount.

9. We book the shipping space, and get the balance payment, and arrange the container loading.

10. We send you goods delivery photos, delivery packing details delivery list. 

11. After 7-60 days, on the sea, different country different delivery time on the sea. 

12. We send you all documents for your custom clearance before the container arrive at your destination sea port.  Documents include : invocie , packing list, bill of lading, bill of lading telex release notice. 

13. You make custom clearance , pay import tax , pick up container. Or arrange container to deliver to your warehouse, pay to your local logistic company. 

14. You get the goods, before you install the playground equipment, we will send you installation guide for each model playgrounds, and help you online to finish installation. 

15. You install the playground, get paid by your clients. Our playground equipment under use and under maintenance by you. 

16. We offer 1 year warranty, products use life are more than 5 years. We offer long term aftersales service for you.


Solution for Kids Outdoor Playground

Reasonable utilization of space allocation

Try to choose small and fun amusement equipment, as the area of the amusement park in the local community is very limited. For example, "rocking horses, ground trampolines, seesaw boards, climbing racks, etc." can all meet the needs of residential communities. In larger neighborhoods, large slides, outdoor climbing racks, swings, and more can be placed. In larger neighborhoods, there are many amusement facilities available, and when there are many children, an outdoor sand pool can be customized. The layout of amusement equipment is reasonable and scientifically matched, enriching children's amusement experience.

Balancing the needs of both adults and children

A community playground is a common leisure and entertainment place for adults and children. Therefore, when choosing entertainment facilities, it is important to consider that both adults and children can play with entertainment devices such as swings, trampolines, non-standard customized stainless steel slides, and non-standard crawls. This not only allows both adults and children to play, but also enhances parent-child relationships.

Reasonably match the difficulty level of amusement facilities

There are children of all ages in the community. So when choosing amusement equipment, it is important to pay attention to the reasonable difficulty of matching. Not only are there low difficulty amusement devices suitable for children, but there are also challenging amusement devices suitable for elderly children.

Pay attention to the differences in amusement facilities

The area of community amusement parks is very limited. If the gameplay of amusement devices is similar, they will not be attractive. Only by distinguishing between entertainment devices can the characteristics of the community be reflected. For example, some communities have various types of slides, plastic slides, PE board slides, stainless steel slides, etc. Despite different styles, the experience it brings to children is very singular. In order to increase children's entertainment experience, it is advisable to put some climbing frames or climbing wall.

Pay attention to the safety of amusement equipment

The amusement equipment on community rides is exposed all year round and can be played for free. Therefore, as long as people have time to play, they will not intentionally take care of it. Once the amusement equipment is damaged, it is easy to cause safety accidents. Therefore, the amusement equipment in community amusement parks can be used all day and must be sturdy and durable. This not only ensures the safety of children, but also greatly saves maintenance and replacement costs in the future.


As an overall construction enterprise in the design and planning of amusement equipment, Aplay found that many parents expressed their desire to add children's playgrounds in the community when learning about the integration of communities and children's parks. However, modern real estate may overlook this. For more reference opinions, please contact us